“Internet of Things is network of Physical Devices”


“Connecting, monitoring and controlling are the key functions of IoT”


“IoT is built with combination of electronic hardware, software, sensor, actuators and the internet”


We Focus on

Save time with a multitude of styled components designed to showcase your content

Engineering student

Develop new things to assists human tasks with cutting edge technology

IT Literacy

Learning basic programming, using development boards to an extent of future technology-IoT

Why choose us?

• Passion for doing novel products
• Willing to learn Expertise.
• Focus on every individual learning
• Using modern learning tool to make  learning more interesting 
• Hands on experience oriented with skill of building products from scratch

Training is conducted by academicians, IT professionals, Hobbyists and industrial experts with 10 plus experience

• To make school ready for Future Technologies. 
• Provide Training on Skills implemented in international Schools and Foreign Students. 
• Benefit Students to enhance their Logical Thinking and do Constructive Projects. 
• Prepare Students for National Competitions and build their confidence. 
• Encourage Student to do Out of Box Projects.

• Hands on workshop with Cutting edge Technologies for Schools. 
• Incubating Brains to learn Coding with simple Graphical Tools. 
• Enhance Thinking and Problem Solving Abilities of Kids.

• Passion for doing tech crazy things 
• Experts updating their brains regularly 
• Focus on individual learning 
• Using modern learning tool to make things interesting 
• Hands on experience with skill of building products from scratch

Core Features

What the party can benefit with the workshop?

• Improve Logical Thinking of Student, 
• Make Coding as simple as drawing. 
• Get Hands on Experience. 
• Interact With Expertise. 
• Get Schools help recognize in happening technologies and Rankings.

A Unique Experience

1. Simple 3D Modelling of designs using Software. 
2. Hands on construction of 3D objects. 
3. Graphical Programming for Quick start. 
4. Exposure to Programming Languages used in Robotics 
5. Controlling Home Appliance using IoT.

Our Aim

The aim of workshop is to bring together all available ‘ease of tools’ and build simple IoT applications for student with hands-on exposure to latest tools

Exploring Workshop

1. Introductions to development boards, ease of availability and Open-source electronics prototyping platform. 
2. Programing Wiring Language on mBlock. 
3. Interfacing Arduino Board with Sensors. 
4. Controlling Actuator with Arduino board. 
5. Designing a Robot with Development Boards. 
6. Simple 3D model constructions. 
7. Introduction to node MCU or wemos board. 
8. Node MCU/Wemos Board pushing Data on Cloud. 
9. Using Development Boards to control appliances via IoT. 
10. Integration of Sensor and Actuator with IoT